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About Torry's Delphi Pages  

"Torry's Delphi Pages" are maintained for you by Maxim Peresada and Co free of charge (it is really hard work!). We've decided to create those pages because we know, what problems you can have when trying to find something for your projects. We work with Delphi from the moment of appearances of pre-release of first version and have enough expirience of programming, so we're trying to help you. Yes, we don't know everything, and we don't work with everything, but we consider that "collective mind" can solve many problems.


Delphi Informant Magazine. Delphi Hall of Fame: Class of 2001.Delphi Hall of Fame: Class of 2001.
"There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of developers who could seriously be considered for inclusion into this elite set, but only a few have been influential enough to be nominated and approved."

"Congratulations you have won The Spirit of Delphi Award! There are only a few extraordinary individuals who have selflessly dedicated great portions of their own time and energy to bringing Delphi, and information about Delphi, to others. Delphi would not be what it is today without the efforts of people like you."

We are pleased to inform you that Torry's Delphi Pages was just recognized as one of the top Delphi programming-related Internet sites.

Rated as Extremely Helpful, Major ResourcesTorry's Delphi Pages are rated by efg's Computer Lab as Extremely Helpful, Major Resources.

W3x W95 W98 NT4 ME W2k W2k3For applications: Operation System for which application designed.
Dx   CBx   KLXDelphi or C++ Builder version or Kylix for which component or tool designed.
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Gift fo Torry.Author's goodwill! This image placed near components, applications and so on whose authors have presented us free copy. Thank You!
We realy use itWe realy use it in our work.
Just Well Done !"Torry's Top" award is granted for a good job for the Delphi community. Just Well Done!
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Maxim Peresada - main idea, project supervisor, maintaining, programming...
48 years old, married, has two children: son Vitaliy (1984), daugther Olga (1987), one dogs: Shkoda. Graduated from Moscow Telecommunication Institute (specialization Radio communication & Broadcasting). Programmer since 1988. Worked with Assembler, C, C++, Pascal, Clipper, Delphi, Lotus Notes. In September 1992 graduated from Novell Education courses "NETWARE V3.11: SYSTEM MANAGER SERVICE & SUPPORT". Works as LAN administrator since 1992 (works with Novell Netware 2.15, 2.20, 3.11, 3.11 SFT III, 3.12, 4.01, 4.10 and peer-to-peer LANs (Artisoft LANtastic, D-Link LANSmart, Personal Netware, Windows for Workgroups) . Worked as a developer in the team that made Btrieve-based systems. One from three co-founders of MicroOLAP Technology Ltd company in 2000, at the end of 2005 left it.

Favorite OS: Windows NT 4.0
Favorite Database: Btrieve 6.15
Favorite Programming Language: Delphi
Favorite Programming Company: Turbo Power Software (since Turbo Proffessional)

Sergey Bilukin - technical assistance, mirrors support, CGI-scripting...
58 years old, married, has one children. Graduated from Moscow Telecommunication Institute (specialization sound engineer). Worked with Assembler, C, C++, Personal Netware, Windows for Workgroups, Linux, FreeBSD, Perl. Works as a Head of the Technical Support Group in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS. Hobby - Sound Recording. Check his sound collection. All songs are in Russian and were recorded at his Home Studio.

Favorite OS: Windows NT 4.0, FreeBSD

Vitali Nasonov (1961-2014) - design, graphics, site programming, Web-mastering...
Married, has two children. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology (specialization Biologically Active Substances). Works as a scientist in the Laboratory of Carbohydrate Chemistry of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS. Personal Home Pages.

Favorite OS: FreeBSD, Windows 2003

Artem Berman - DP&FL section...
39 years old, single. Has 2 dogs (scotland sheepdog and south-russian sheepdog). Graduated from Moscow International Business Institute. Programmer since 1994. Pascal, Delphi, C++, Java, SQL, HTML. In 1998 established Cooldev.Com company.

Favorite OS: Windows NT 4.0, 98
Favorite Database: DBISAM, Oracle
Favorite Programming Language: Delphi
Favorite Programming Company: Borland

Simon Grossenbacher - Tips section...
33 years old, single. Programming since 1993. Turbo Pascal, Delphi and PHP. In 1999 he have established the Delphi site SwissDelphiCenter.Com.
Favorite Database:
Favorite Programming Language: Delphi
Favorite Programming Company: Borland

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  Introducing Delphi Programming: Theory through Practice
"Introducing Delphi Programming turned out to be outstanding: it begins where I needed to begin: it progresses smoothly from task to task; it is built around sets of practical exercises and practice activities; explanations are clear and well organized. It is the best "how to" book of any type that I have ever used.--Pat Byrd, Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL, Georgia State University more... more...

  Problem Solving with Delphi
This title includes a book and a CD. The purpose of the book is to use Delphi as a vehicle to introduce some fundamental algorithms and to illustrate several mathematical and problem-solving techniques. This book is therefore intended to be more of a reference for problem-solving, with the solution expressed in Delphi. It introduces a somewhat eclectic collection of material, much of which will not be found in a typical book on Pascal or Delphi. Many of the topics have been used by the author over a period of about ten years at Bond University, Australia in various subjects from 1993 to 2003. Much of the work was connected with a data structures subject (second programming course) conducted variously in MODULA-2, Oberon and Delphi, at Bond University, however there is considerable other, more recent material, e.g., a chapter on Sudoku. more... more...

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