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Mr03 Feb 2015
From: Alan BaileyFrom IP:
It is proving incredibly hard to join the Torry Duscussion Forum. The registration form does not have a field for Password and when you log in and click 'send new password' I just get a link which puts me on the home page with no information on how to change the password.

bichon rescue30 Jul 2013
From: bichon rescue
Country, city: indonesia
From IP:
Web site: http:// bichonrescue.net
nice guest book how to join this site plz help me

Greetings26 Mar 2013
From: Fior
Country, city: Poland
From IP:
Web site: http:// www.fior.com.pl
Thanks for the DB-Tools. That's very usefull for learning.

Thank you for caring08 Feb 2013
From: Ralph Quarles
Country, city: USA, Fairview Oregon
From IP:
I have used Torry's Delphi Pages as a resource for about 25 years, and appreciate the time and help you have here. Thank you so much for being available for supporting us developers.

Tha09 Jan 2013
From: FM Vargas
Country, city: Brasil-POA
From IP:
Thank you, friend. Success fo you.

Thank you for giving so much.17 Dec 2012
From: Henk
Country, city: Langebaan
From IP:
Web site: http:// www.ssuitesoft.com
This is the best Delphi component and app site on the internet. :) Keep up the great work. :D

Thanks for sharing09 Dec 2012
From: avis
Country, city: EF
From IP:
Web site: http:// greenavis.com/
Thanks for sharing such a useful stuff.

Your website is great10 Nov 2012
From: KilemondFrom IP:
Thanks for uploading such source codes.

5 devis peinture02 Nov 2012
From: devis dans la tete ?
Country, city: paris
From IP:
Web site: http:// www.devispeinture.pro/

Cewka zaponowa09 Oct 2012
From: JacekFrom IP:
Web site: http:// mixgarden.pl
Thanks for such a wonderful and informative website.

Pages: 12345...2526272829  »Current page: 1 of 29

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