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    A Delphi Basics 22 May 2009
    By Mittsville, maliky and Jack. The ultimate Delphi language resource:
    • Tips and tricks
    • Tutorials
    • Source code samples
    • Free applications and components with source code.

    Automated QA Inc: Memory Leaks and How to Plug Them 11 Feb 2000
    By AutomatedQA Inc.. Thanks to the work of Atanas Stoyanov and feedback from many loyal MemProof users, we have compiled a list of memory leaks in Delphi and appropriate workarounds to eliminate them.

    Calling Dr. Marteens 11 Feb 2000
    By Dr. Marteens. Contains tricks and tips, and articles on Delphi & C++ Builder.

    Delphi DAO 11 Feb 2000
    By Final Filer Software. Information resource for Delphi developers which are using Access/DAO...

    Delphi knowledgebase 07 Jan 2007
    By hongbin.fei. This is Delphi programming knowledge base, all is free.

    Delphi Tips 11 Feb 2000
    By Gustav Evertsson. Components, tips, how to"s, tips of the week and much more.

    Delphi Tricks 04 Apr 2006
    By Alexander Savchev. Delphi tips and tricks. Tutorials and free delphi source code.

    Delphi3000.com 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. Searchable database full of technical information, code examples and tips and tricks. It"s a community site and therefore absolutely free...

    DelphiFAQ 11 Feb 2000
    By Peter Tiemann. DelphiFAQ, about 380 searchable tips for Delphi.

    Kanade"s Delphi Stuff 11 Feb 2000
    By Sanjay Kanade. Delphi tips, sample code, components andtools.

    nSonic Delphi Pages 19 Jun 2000
    By Boris Nienke. Components, links, tips and tricks...

    Object Pascal Developer Resources 25 Dec 2006
    By 3delite. Programming tips, guidelines (The Zen Masters Manual) & components.

    Programming Tips 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. Huge collection of useful programing tips.
      Just Well Done!  

    Swiss Delphi Center 27 May 2000
    By Simon Grossenbacher. Programming tips, components, links, newsletter, sourcecode, delphi top sites.
      Just Well Done!  

    Trucomania 11 Feb 2000
    By Radikal. Site of Delphi Tips. Looks very useful...

    News from our Sponsors

      Problem Solving with Delphi
    This title includes a book and a CD. The purpose of the book is to use Delphi as a vehicle to introduce some fundamental algorithms and to illustrate several mathematical and problem-solving techniques. This book is therefore intended to be more of a reference for problem-solving, with the solution expressed in Delphi. It introduces a somewhat eclectic collection of material, much of which will not be found in a typical book on Pascal or Delphi. Many of the topics have been used by the author over a period of about ten years at Bond University, Australia in various subjects from 1993 to 2003. Much of the work was connected with a data structures subject (second programming course) conducted variously in MODULA-2, Oberon and Delphi, at Bond University, however there is considerable other, more recent material, e.g., a chapter on Sudoku. more... more...

      Delphi XE Handbook: A Guide to New Features in Delphi XE
    Delphi XE Handbook is a guide to new features in Delphi XE, covering everything but the DataSnap portion of the product. Written by best-selling Delphi books author Marco Cantù, the book follows the Delphi Handbooks series on 2007, 2009, and 2010, both in scope and in the appraoch. This book on Delphi XE (covering only new features of the product) is 132 pages long and it is avaialble also in print. Here is the list of chapters: 1: Delphi XE IDE 2: Integrated Tooling 3: Compiler and RTL 4: XE Libraries more... more...

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