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GJL Software
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FastReport FMX 2 released
FastReport FMX 2 released

For Windows and MacOS X - end-user report designer and preview, full sources.

    - For all versions of FireMonkey - XE to XE5

    - For Delphi and C++Builder

    - New advanced PDF export filter

    - FireDac support

    - And more...

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Company Products

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Database Tools > BDE > Power Tools
Database Utilities v.1.5SW 2092 k 01 Dec 2005
By GJL Software. Database Utilities" is an enhanced MDI Database Desktop Utility with an Outlook style interface, with features provided to enhance database creation, editing, configuration, access, manipulation, BDE configuration and BDE management, data structure printing and delphi table source creation, plus many many other tools. It is an excellent and powerful tool for database, Delphi and C/C++ developers alike especially those using the BDE.
Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: None
Price: $59.95
Download: ME NT4 W2K W2K3 W95 W98 XP  Register Now

DB-Aware Components > Visual > Grids
ExDBGrid Component Suite v.3.7FWS 87 k 26 Jan 2001
By GJL Software. ExDBGrid is an Enhanced DBGrid Component that has plenty of new features:

It has the following new Public Properties and Procedures: Canvas, Col, Row, FixedCols, FixedRows, TopRow, SelectedRows, DataLink, ColCount, RowCount, ColWidths, GridLineWidth, InplaceEdit, TitleOffset, OnColumnResize, OptWidth (making the 'Grid' automatically size itself so that no white space is left at the right), VisibleRowCount, VisibleColCount, GridHeight, GridWidth, LeftCol, ExportGrid, ExportToFile, GridPreview, DataSetPreview, SaveToRegistry, LoadFromRegistry, CopyToClipboard, CutToClipboard, PasteFromClipboard, ShowCustomizeDialog, ShowQueryByForm and ShowSortByForm.

It has the following new Published Properties: ScrollBars, EditColor, DefaultRowHeight, RowSizingAllowed, DisplayImages, DisplayMemo, DisplayBoolean, GridAutoSize (making the columns automatically resize so that they are as wide as the row with the widest entry), GridAutoWidth (making the columns automatically resize so that no white space is left at the right), FullSizeMemo, Cells3D (when False, the Grid has a Flat look and feel - also the 3D Cells can be any color), CellHints (when True and Columns are not wide enough for the DisplayText, moving the mouse over a cell shows the text in a hint window), RowColor1, RowColor2, UseRowColors (using the properties RowColor1 and RowColor2), MultiLineTitles, TitleCheck (which places a marker in the top left of the grid and enables the grid popup menu when clicked), BackgroundPicture, UseBackgroundPicture, ExportDelimiter, AllowAutoAppend, DrawFocusRect, EnterAsTab, HighlightColor, ImageHighlightColor, HighlightFontColor, ReportCaption, HotTrack, HotTrackColor, LockedCols, LockedFont, LockedColor, FlatCheckBox, FlatCheckBoxType, MemoViewType, RegistrySaveName, ShowTextEllipsis, ShowTitleEllipsis, MultiLineRows, LinesPerRow, DisplayDateTime, SearchMode (when True, clicking on the column titles will display a search box for the column - Case Sensitive), ExMenuOptions, ScrollHints, UseBitmapDrawing (if active, a temporary bitmap is used to draw cells within the grid - it decreases flickers but draws a cell a bit slowly), MemoInplaceEditor and DisplayPopupEditors (when false, memos can be edited inplace by single clicking the cell), GridAutoWidthDisplay, MaskedColumnDrag, ShowTitlesWhenInactive, BoldTitlesWhenCells3D and BoldIndicatorsWhenCells3D.

It has the following new Methods: MoveToRow and CellRect (which is extremely useful if you want to drop other controls on the grid i.e. pop a dropdown list over a cell when the user enters it).

In addition, it also has the following Features: Design Time and Run Time viewing of images, including JPEG support, Flat look and feel, Grid Printing, Grid Exporting, Enhanced Scrollbar Tracking, Selecting and UnSelecting all records, Column Customizing, Drag and Drop implementation and Automatic Column Sorting (Fields that have indexes will be sortable by clicking the Column Titles), QueryByForm and SortByForm implementation (For Paradox and dBASE any column names specified in the SortByForm procedure must already be indexed. For SQL-based tables, the specified columns need not be indexed.) It also has support for English, Italian and Portuguese Languages, as well as support for BDE Datasets, ADO Datasets, Advantage Datasets and DAO Datasets.

It also has popup viewers and Inplace Editors for Graphic/Memo and Date/Time Fields. To use these and the Checkbox, simply click on the Fields or use the Spacebar, F2 or Enter Keys.

To use TExRxDBGrid you must have RXLib 2.60 or higher installed.
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3 D4 D5  Hot Stuff!Download exe-demoGift for Torry. Thank You !


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