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New FastReport VCL 5.2 released
New FastReport VCL 5.2 released

    We've added new export filter to SVG format. Now you can also reset properties to parents in inherited report with a whole report or a single object. PDF export became transparent.

    Report designer gained a selection mode and became more flexible. We've also added multi-selection for data tree and ability to drag whole dataset.

    Even more here

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DataDrawGrid v.1.293bFWS 188 k 09 Mar 1999
By Gabriel Simon. A very useful DrawGrid inheritance that has these additional features for each separate cell:
  • Data pointer, Hint, Color, Font, Mouse down/move/up/click and Paint events
  • groupped cell actions via GridAreas planned
  • custom Load, Save, etc methods for cells
  • improved help with examples
  • drag&drop events for each cell.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D4  

Grid for drawing purposes v.1.0FW 2 k 22 Dec 2006
By Letsconstruct. Need to draw on a grid that can Rotate, Zoom and Pan?

This grid can be used for anything you want to draw with Delphi.
Fully functional
Source: On purchase/registration
Source Price: $5
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D2006 D7  Homepage

Roger Color Grid v.1.0FWS 3 k 22 Dec 2000
By RogerSoft. Color Grid with 16 colors and fore/back color selector with HTML color code for each color.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3  Homepage

RowGrid v. 1173 k 08 Sep 2006
By PostWare. A RowGrid features cells of variable length. The user uses the mouse to drag new cells into the grid or to resize them. The application itself is also allowed to change the grid.
  • Customize visual appearance with the 'OnDrawRowCell' and 'OnDrawRowLine' events.
  • ActiveX support which allows you to use the component in virtually any environment.
  • 'VerticalRows' property which allows you to change the RowGrid orientation.
  • Convenient set of RowCell events like: OnDrag, OnRemove, OnInsert, OnClear.
  • Add information to a RowCell by assigning your own objects to the 'ObjectPtr' member.
  • Help file as well as Delphi and C++ examples included. Start coding right away.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: CB2k6 CB4 CB5 CB6 D2005 D2006 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

TDrawGrid & TStringGrid FWS 2 k 27 Jan 1998
By Christian Poisson. TDrawGrid and TStringGrid with new events: OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, OnMouseEnterCell and OnMouseLeaveCell.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3  Homepage

TListDrawGrid v.1.0FWS 10 k 24 Dec 2001
By Elliott Shevin. A cross between TDrawGrid and and ownerdraw TListBox. Adds an Items property to TDrawGrid. Permits scrolling in either direction, permits multiselect, and lets user drag cells around the grid. Sample project included.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3 D4 D5  

TjvYearGrid v.1.0FWS 9 k 08 Sep 1999
By JanSoft. jvYearGrid is a TDrawGrid descendant featuring:
  • YearPlanner view;
  • auto load/save year files;
  • integral context menu for all functions;
  • integral Infotext editor with load/save external option;
  • export/view all/filtered date Info to HTML;
  • custom colors for borders/date/highlights;
  • onInfoChanging event and Info set/get for smart InfoText processing;
  • date Infotext hints;
  • year selection..

Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D4  Homepage

TmFileList v.1.0FWS 14 k 06 Mar 2004
By MASoft. A TStringGrid descendant with a Progressbar and Time cell in each row. Use TmFileList in an application where you are doing file downloading. Time elapsed are automatically calculated, (measure starts when a new row are inserted).

Two methods: one for inserting/updating row, one for clearing the grid. Cells in grid: Title, Speed, Downloaded/Total, Progress, Status and Time.

Source and demo supplied.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

Variant Grid Component v.1.11FWS 27 k 08 Jul 1999
By T. Bednarek. This component is a descendant of the TDrawGrid component and has a behavior like the TStringGrid component. The difference is that different type of data could be saved. In addition to the functionality of a StringGrid some properties, methods and events were added. Individual properties of the columns can be edited, just like the column editor of TDBGrid component.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3 D4  

lcGRID v.0.1FWS 15 k 03 Apr 2006
By Letsconstruct. Here you find the following free components for applications using grids:
  • Basic grid with following features:
    • Pan
    • Zoom
    • Rotate
    • Use backgrounds
    • Flicker free
  • Calendar
    • Inherits from above basic grid, giving you all its functionality
    • Shows all days, weeks, months and years
    • Marks the current day with red circle.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D2005 D2006 D7  Discuss productHomepage

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