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Companies News:

New FastReport VCL 5.2 released
New FastReport VCL 5.2 released

    We've added new export filter to SVG format. Now you can also reset properties to parents in inherited report with a whole report or a single object. PDF export became transparent.

    Report designer gained a selection mode and became more flexible. We've also added multi-selection for data tree and ability to drag whole dataset.

    Even more here

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ASTrayIcon v.1.0FWS 2 k 25 Aug 1997
By Andrey Abakumov. ASTrayIcon allows you use icon in Windows Taskbar area (animated and non-animated). Also has ability to remove your task from Taskbar.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3  

CoolTrayIcon v.4.4.0FWS 342 k 13 May 2006
By Troels Jakobsen. CoolTrayIcon is a tray icon component with many properties to customize the icon's behaviour and appearance. Features include:
  • Various mouse and click events
  • Popup menu support
  • Methods for hiding and showing the main form
  • Can move to tray when user minimizes the form
  • Icon animation
  • Interactive balloon hints
  • Can convert bitmaps to icons
  • Design preview for easy experimentation
  • The component can be used in a service
  • Restores tray icon on Explorer crash.
Includes a descended tray icon component, TextTrayIcon, which allows you to show a tray icon with a text of your choice.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: CB3 CB4 CB5 CB6 D2 D2005 D2006 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

DFTrayIcon v.1.0SWS 12 k 05 Mar 2003
By Dirk Frischalowski EDV-Beratung. TrayIcon with many features:
  • animated Icon (using Imagelist and Interval)
  • minimize Application
  • normal Hints and Balloons (need Shell32.dll Version 5)
  • ImageList for Icons and ImageIndex for selecting special icons
  • PopupMenu-support
  • support Windows-wide ShortCut => event OnShortCut
  • show at design time
  • support showing application on click
  • support use of application-icon
  • support predefined Windows-Icons.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Price: $17
Download: D5  Homepage

DPGTryIcon v.1SW 248 - 249 k 31 Jan 2005
By Dani Paschkes. Allow to put an icon on the windows bar that links to your application. Very easy to use. Documentation in PDF format can be downloaded at the web page.
Fully functional
Source: On purchase/registration
Source Price: $5
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D5 D6 D7  Gift for Torry. Thank You !Homepage

Systray Component v.1.0FWS 4 k 17 May 2002
By 2p plus. This component allow adding/removing/controlling own icons on System Tray area of taskbar.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D5 D6  Homepage

TCiaTrayIcon v.1.00FWS 7 k 02 Apr 2003
By Sonal nv. A nice working tray icon that does exacly what you wants to make a professional GUI. Demo's included. It also demonstrates how to make a GUI without buttons on the taskbar, and how you can give a secondary form an extra button on the taskbar.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D5 D6 D7  Homepage

TFnugry TrayIcon v.1.0FWS 83 k 16 Dec 1998
By Gleb Yourchenko. A simple System Tray Icon component.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3  

TIconTaskBar v.1.0FWS 109 k 29 Nov 1996
By German Mendez Gonzalez. TIconTaskBar allows show an icon in the Win95 task bar.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  Homepage

TNotifyIcon FWS 12 k 02 Oct 2006
By eCat. Encapsulates Windows taskbar status notification area icon. Fully supports Shell 6.0 (Windows XP) features. Buid-in image list, minimizing to, design preview, click options, and more.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB2k6 CB4 CB5 CB6 D2005 D2006 D4 D5 D6 D7  

TShell NotifyIcon v.1.0FWS 2 k 23 Oct 1998
By Oliver Dillinger. Use this component to create an icon to the task notification area (thats the panel on the taskbar where the clock is).
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  

TSnxTrayIcon v.1.1.0FWS 90 k 17 Sep 2001
By Sonixsoft. This component allows you to create an Icon in the system tray(where the clock is). You can also change and animate the Icon at runtime.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB3 CB4 CB5  Homepage

TStatusIcon v.1.3FWS 45 k 15 Dec 1998
By IT Experts (Pty) Ltd. The TStatusIcon component is a descendant of TComponent which can display an icon in the Window NT 4 and Windows 95 Taskbar notification area. A Popupmenu can be attached. Also the Application can be hide from the taskbar.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB1 CB3  

TSystem TrayIcon v.1.0FWS 3 k 28 Jul 1997
By T. J. Sobotka. Adds a system tray icon for your application.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  

TTaskBarIcon v.1.0FWS 115 k 06 Jul 1998
By Vit Kovalcik. TTaskBarIcon component can create and maintain icon in the taskbar notification area.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D2 D3  Homepage

TTaskIcon v.1.0FWS 4 k 18 Apr 1997
By Rauf Gereyhanov. A component that puts icon in SysTray (with animation).
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  

TTrayIcon v.1.0FWS 11 k 14 Sep 1998
By Karl Bauer. This component allows you put a TrayIcon in the SystemTray of Windows 95 using Delphi 1.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1  

TTrayIcon v.1.2FWS 442 k 31 Oct 2004
By ADC-Soft. TTrayIcon is a Delphi/C++Builder component to display icon on Windows system tray. System tray is a place in Windows task bar near the clock.
This package contains the full source code (in Delphi) and two examples. The first example shows how to display an icon and change some properties of it. The second example shows how to use the component to display animated icon.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: CB4 CB5 CB6 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

TTrayIcon v.1.6FWS 6 k 14 May 2000
By Miguel Erill. Another TTrayIcon component.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3 D4 D5  Homepage

TUPTrayIcon v.0.7FWS 15 k 28 Oct 1999
By Upscene Productions. Use TUPTrayIcon to put an trayicon in the taskbar, near the clock. Assign popupmenus to the properties and off you go. easy to use.

[ no longer supported by vendor/creator ]
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3 D4 D5  Homepage

TantTask barIcon FWS 16 k 28 Aug 2000
By UtilMind Solutions. TantTaskbarIcon component is realisation of taskbar's tray icon for Delphi. TantTaskbarIcon is easy way to create and manipulate icons at taskbar's tray. TantTaskbarIcon can use ImageList for icon images, and Popup menus.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB1 CB3 CB4 D2 D3 D4 D5  Homepage

TmdTray v.1.5FWS 5 k 04 Aug 1999
By Martin Djernæs, Jesse C. Slicer. TmdTray is a component which offer a icon in the Windows 95 / NT4.0 tray. TmdTray can use icons from resources, accept hotkeys for the PopupMenu used and automaticly update of the tray, when the connected icon is changed.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3 D4  Homepage

Tray Icon Locator v.1.0FW 429 k 13 Apr 2004
By Boris Maisuradze. TbmaiTILocator (Tray Icon Locator) calculates location of application's icon in system tray. It can also retrieve information about System Tray location, Windows task bar location, and check whether System Tray and Task Bar are visible or hidden.
Fully functional
Source: On request
Download: D6 D7  

WinTaskBar v.1.10FWS 18 k 20 Mar 1997
By White Ants Systemhouse BV. Component for adding and managing an Icon in the Windows Taskbar Notification area of the Windows95 or Windows NT 4.0 Taskbar. With WinTaskBar you can put an icon in the area left from the timer in the Windows taskbar. E.g. for informing the user that a process is active in the background. The user can then interact with this process by this icons pop-up menu etc. Or use it for hidden background applications.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  Homepage

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