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New Rosi Components Package released
New Rosi Components Package released Create feature-rich windows applications with many new components and universal dialogs.
  • improved DBGrid
  • new DBRecordView, DBTreeView
  • toolbars and db dialogs to Find, Filter, Sort, Export, Print...
  • StringGrid with columns definition
  • GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of owned controls
And many more for $35 only - details here
Want to know more ?


#7 Components - TRestructure Lite v.1.25SW 80 k 19 Feb 2001
By SEDLAN A.D.. TRestructure is a dbiDoRestructure wrapper component that helps you to:
  • add
  • insert
  • move
  • change or
  • delete dBase & Paradox table fields.
You can also set validity checks on any field, including table lookups. Demo included.
With Nag-Screen
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $69.90
Download: D3 D4 D5  Register NowHomepage

#7 Components - TRestructure Pro v.2.14SW 349 k 24 Sep 2002
By SEDLAN A.D.. Ever needed to restructure a Paradox or dBase table from your Delphi or C++ Builder program? There's nothing to it, once you start using TRestructure Pro, a dbiDoRestructure wrapper component.

Now you can easily accomplish any task that Database Desktop can, and with only a few lines of code.

Add, insert (at any position), move, change or delete dBase & Paradox table fields, set validity checks on any field (including table lookups), add or delete referential integrity constraints, add or delete main and auxiliary password(s), create or delete table and field rights, add, change or delete table's primary index.

Demo with source included. Lots of source code examples.
With Nag-Screen
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $129.50

Download: CB3 CB4 CB5 CB6 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

AddAlias v.1.0FWS 7 k 16 May 1998
By Barry Ruffner. Encapsulates BDE Alias creation.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3  

BDE eXpress for Vista v.2.0SW 4683 k 23 Jun 2009
By Erhard Dr. Regener. "BDE eXpress for Vista" installs an adapted "Borland Database Engine" (BDE) to access Paradox and dBase Databases under Windows Vista. Integrated tool to backup databases and upgrade to the Vista compatible data format Paradox 7.

With "Windows Vista" Microsoft introduced a lot of changes regarding the file access and rights of users and programs.

Per default the original BDE isn't made for "Windows Vista" specific environment conditions. This doesn't mean that BDE isn't a professional database system. Well installed on Windows Vista the BDE runs as confidential as ever on other Windows systems.
Fully functional
Source: None
Price: $25
Exe-Demo Included

Download: CB1 CB2k6 CB2k7 CB2k9 CB3 CB4 CB5 CB6 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

BDE Utf8 components v.1.0.3FW 576 k 18 Jun 2010
By DatabaseFix.com. TUtf8StringField and TUtf8memoField components allow you to work with unicode databases using BDE (TTable, TQuery). They should be used instead of standard TStringField and TMemoField.

Useful for migrating BDE based application to Delphi 2009/2010.

Firebird/Interbase sample with sources and demo database included.
Fully functional
Source: On request
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D2009 D2010  Homepage

BmAlias v.1.0FWS 6 k 22 Jan 1999
By Bourmad Mehdi. Component allowing developer to create and delete BDE aliases. With this component, the same program compiles with all Delphi versions.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB1 CB3 D1 D2 D3 D4  Homepage

DataSorcerer v.3.1FWS 24 k 09 Apr 1999
By Steve Flynn. A Global DataSource that can feed all the forms in your application and keep all the data in sync.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2  

ParadoxChange v.1.0FWS 2 k 28 Feb 2005
By Branislav Drengubiak. This component can change FieldType, FieldName and FieldSize of existing Paradox table.

Uses dbiDoRestructure. Requires three lines of code.
Demo only
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

PDJDBSearch v.1.00SW 294 k 25 Sep 2006
By PDJTools. The PDJDBSearch is a invisible component for a quick search of records in specified fields of the table even if the selected field is not indexed. Parts of the text value of the record can be searched, no matter what their position is in the record. User can adjust start search position in word. Search can be used with TTable and TQuery components. With this component users can search words in blob memo fields.
Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $14.08
Source Price: $14.08
Download: D2 D2005 D2006 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

Refresh v.2.1FWS 16 k 14 May 1997
By Christoph Kirchner. TSelfRefreshTable and TSelfRefreshQuery are datasets that use BDE-Callbacks to refresh themselves if the dataset got modified by another program or by another dataset-component in the same application.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2  Homepage

Restructure / Table Creation Toolkit v.1.15SW 264 k 12 Jan 1998
By Reinhard Kalinke. Toolkit for restructuring and creating local databases (dBase and Paradox). Resizing, moving, chanching fieldtypes, altering indices, RI and valchecks with just a few lines of code. No more BatchMove hassle etc when you need to update table structures at your client's sites. Uses physical fieldtypes so dBase users can size nums and floats adequately. Very easy to use as it provides method to read and apply table definition files. If you are working with local tables, just check it out.
Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $112.95
Download: D1 D2 D3  Register NowHomepage

TAliasEditor v.1.03FWS 28 k 16 Jun 1997
By Glenn Davies. BDE alias management component.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3  

TFieldUpdate v.1.1FWS 15 k 28 Nov 2000
By Nathanial Woolls. TFieldUpdate allows you to update the fields of a Paradox or DBase database at runtime to match a set a field definitions supplied either at runtime or design time. The TFieldUpdate component allows you to add new field definitions to TFieldUpdate.FieldItems, and modify those field definitions by setting values for TFieldUpdate.FieldItems.ItemsI].Name, .FieldType, .Length and .Precision. You can also populate TFieldUpdate.FieldItems using the procedure ReadFromFile(), specifying the path to a database from which to read the field definitions. This procedure is available at design time using the property TFieldUpdate.ReadFrom, which allows you to browse for a database. You can then apply these field definitions to a database at runtime using the ApplyToFile() procedure, specifying the path to a database to which you want to apply the field definitions contained in TFieldUpdate.FieldItems.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D4 D5  

TFilter v.1.0FWS 6 k 25 Jan 2001
By Jason Koukliatis. A Good-Looking way to "Filter" Queries. Actually it generates the "Where" Clause of a Query. On this Version, it works only for Oracle and Interbase Queries.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2 D3 D4 D5  

TFilter CallBack v.2.0FWS 31 k 08 Aug 1997
By Andy Strong. A low-level BDE filtering component which allows a BDE callback for any TTable to a user supplied Delphi event handler procedure. New version fixes problems with AsDate / AsDateTime adds AsTime filtering. Also adds a count of filtered records and Filtering of BLOB fields.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1  

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