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Companies News:

New Rosi Components Package released
New Rosi Components Package released Create feature-rich windows applications with many new components and universal dialogs.
  • improved DBGrid
  • new DBRecordView, DBTreeView
  • toolbars and db dialogs to Find, Filter, Sort, Export, Print...
  • StringGrid with columns definition
  • GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of owned controls
And many more for $35 only - details here
Want to know more ?


FormPersist NAFWS 6 k 11 Mar 2005
By Alex Mitev. Load or save form setting with one line of code.

Tired of using INI files and writing hundreds or thoussands of lines of hard-coded strings?

No additional components, all you have to do is use FormPersist.pas and call LoadForms() and SaveForms() somewhere in your code.
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D7  

FSaver v.1.0FWS 5 k 13 May 2000
By Roman Vasilenko. Small simple component. Just drop it to your form, and set one property IniFilleName and position and metrics of Form will be saved on close form and loaded on creating form automatically.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3 D4 D5  

IniVal FWS 4 k 17 Dec 1999
By Claudio Driussi. This small component when placed in a form Save and Load automatically the properties Text, Value and Checked of every the components of the form.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D4  

RegControls v.1.0FWS 5 k 19 May 1999
By UtilMind Solutions. Two components:
  • TRegForm - automaticly saves form placement and size to SystemRegistry;
  • TRegComboBox - saves history list to SystemRegistry.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3 D4  Homepage

RePosApp v.2.0FWS 3 k 13 Nov 1997
By Edward de la Rey. Saves and restores a form's position to and from an ini file. Gives full control of inifile name, section heading, and names of variables, as well as default values. The inifile will be created if it doesn't exist.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2 D3  

TFormInfo v.1.0FWS 2 k 02 Jun 1998
By Component Store Ltd. A simple component to save and restore a forms position and state.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2 D3  Homepage

TPersistent Form v.99/1FWS 5 k 28 Jan 1999
By Hellinger Software. TPersistentForm is a TForm subclass, that remembers the properties of itself and the properties of the components that are put on it. The properties are saved with the destroy event of the form and reloaded with the create event of the form.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3 D4  Homepage

TPJWdwState & TPJRegWdwState v.5.4.1FWS 70 k 10 Jan 2013
By Peter Johnson. The window state components can save and restore a window's size, position and state (minimized, maximized or normal) between program executions. Three components are provided that use different means of storing the information. They are:
  • TPJWdwState: This component records window information in an ini file. The user has control over the ini file name (via the IniFileName property) and the name of the section of the file where window information is recorded (using the Section property). Alternatively the ini and section names can be configured by handling the OnGetIniData event that is triggered immediately before the ini file is read or written.
  • TPJRegWdwState: This component uses the registry to record window information. The registry root key and sub key where the information is stored are controlled by the RootKey and SubKey properties, or by handling the OnGetRegData event. This event is triggered just before the registry is accessed.
  • TPJUserWdwState: This component relies on the user to handle saving and reading the window state data to or from persistent storage. The component gives the most flexibility of all the components at the expense of placing the storage burden on the user. The component triggers OnReadData and OnSaveData events when it is ready to read or save data.
All components implement the same functionality, controlled by some common properties and events, as follows::
  • The components can automatically restore and save windows when the program starts up and closes down (using the AutoSaveRestore property). If AutoSaveRestore is set to False then the Restore and Save methods must be called from the host application.
  • The Options property can be used to customise the way the window is restored. State, and position can be ignored, which is useful for dialog boxes that should retain the same size and not be minimizied. The window can also be kept within the desktop's work area.
  • When the form is to be restored in a minimized state it briefly appears on screen in the normal state before being minimized. The MinimizeDelay property controls the delay between the window appearing and being minimized.
TPJWdwState and TPJRegWdwState also support the OnReadWdwState event. Handling this event enables the stored window's state, size and position values to be changed before the window is restored. This event is called after reading the data and before sizing the window. TPJUserWdwState does not expose this event because the user is in charge of reading the data and can modify it in the OnReadData event.

An abstract base class for both components TPJCustomWdwState is also provided. This class provides the core window handling and sizing functionality. It provides abstract methods for accessing the required storage medium. Therefore it is quite straightforward to create further components that use alternative storage systems. All that needs to be provided are methods to read/write the window information along with any additional properties that are required to configure the storage medium.

Compatible with 32bit and 64bit targets with Delphi XE2 or later.

A help file is included that integrates into the Delphi 3 to 7 OpenHelp system. The help does not integrate with Delphi 2005 and later, but can be used independently of the IDE, with some loss of functionality.

The components are also documented in a wiki.

A property editor is provided for editing HKEY values (such as the registry root key property of TPJRegWdwState). This editor is also available separately.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE64  Homepage

TPlacement v.1.01FWS 5 k 23 Feb 1999
By Alexander Kopilovitch. TPlacement component is designed for remembering and restoring a placement of several controls (and their sizes).

Requires TKinComponentList object and Property Editor. It seems to be worth to say that TPlacement component may be used not only for GUI forms but for QuickReport forms as well.
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: CB1 CB3 D1 D2 D3 D4  

TPosSaver v.1.0FWS 6 k 02 Jun 1997
By Bogdan Horvat. Saves and restores Form position without call Save or Restore functions. For saving all information about Form you can use IniFile or Registry.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  Homepage

TPosSaver v.1.0FWS 4 k 24 Apr 1997
By Rauf Gereyhanov. Component for save Form position and size in INI-file or Registry.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  

TPosSaver v.1.0FWS 3 k 08 Jan 1997
By Vision Logik. The TPosSaver component is used to save and restore the position and size of a form during the execution of the program. Thus, the user can place the from where he wants on the desktop, and each time he will run your application, the form will be at the same position.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D2  

TRegForms v.0.2FWS 4 k 29 Jul 1999
By Luciano Veneziano. Component for save and restore all Forms and Grids dimensions and position.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB4  

TRegister Forms v.1.01FWS 17 k 25 Jul 1997
By T. Skovmand Eriksen. Registers all form positions and sizes in registry or ini-file. No code needed.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2  Homepage

TSaveComponents v.1.4FWS 247 k 16 Jan 2006
By -Neftali- German Estevez. It allows to save the position and size from all components in a form.

The component uses a file INI. It is enough with placing the component in the form and activate it; When the application is closed save position/size and when returning to execute it restore the values to the controls automaticaly.

It's the perfect complement for the component TSelectOnRuntime (for move and resize components at runtime).

NOTE: The version 1.4 add the event OnNotExistComponent for made easy the work with components created at runtime. Now support added for Delphi 2005/2006.

NOTE: The version 1.3 allow the user add TStrings type properties like Lines, Items...

NOTE: The version 1.2 allow the user add properties to save using the SaveProperties property.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D2005 D2006 D2010 D6 D7 DXE  Homepage

TSavedForm v.1.0FWS 10 k 31 Oct 2001
By HexaDecimalZ. TSavedForm is used to save window position, size and state set by the user in the ini file. Either default ini file defined by .IniFile property or saving/loading methods can be used. Settings are saved for different screen resolutions, so there's no problem if resolutions change between application sessions. There are additional events and properties, like centering form in screen when no records in ini file found.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3 D4 D5 D6  Homepage

UCWinRestore v.1.0FWS 3 k 03 Feb 2001
By UCSoft. A component to set forms position and measures to values when form closed last time.

Simply place on the desired form and set "RegKey" value to the registry key in which the settings shall be stored.
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3 D4 D5  Homepage

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